Sunday, August 9, 2009

Some Girls - The DNA Will Have Its Say


This EP is short and yet one of the most intense albums I've heard in a while. And I'm not surprised, especially since it's Justin Pearson (The Locust, Swing Kids, Holy Molar, Crimson Curse, ) on bass/backing vox and Wes Eisold (Give Up the Ghost) on vocals... It's bound to be hard as fuck.

This mind fuck of an album clocks at not even 10 minutes with 7 songs. This albums just has a more tech punk feel to it than their first effort, All My Friends Are Going Death. When ever I listen to it, I feel like the album is just starting and then... it's over. I have to listen to this and then their last effort Heaven's Pregnant Teens back to back because it's just not enough.

TDWHIS has a similar feel to Anthology of Dead Ends by Botch, in the sense that it leaves the listener a tad unsatisfied. Mostly due to the fact that the songs that are there are so good, but it's so short-lived. Although, it does hit you hard. The only feeling I can compare it to is if you know what it's like to hit your head on the pavement. I don't mean like bumping your head, I mean a significant smack to the skull.

Here are the song titles on the album:

I Need Drugs

A Sick Cult

Me & My Blasphemy

The DNA Will Have It's Say

Don't Hate Me Just Cause I Hate You

Nazi Rodeo

Hot Air Balloons

The first track starts off saying, "Cut it til it's gutted, I let my weight fluxate FUUUUUCK! Yes, love is a jellyfish and I clean my stings with tenderized piss. No, I don't care very much. You keep your mouth fucking shut when you talk to us!"

The bass on this album has an extremely over driven fuzz tone to it. That Locust kinda sounding bass tone, but mostly the bass is a backdrop. The guitar, drums and vox are the main focus on this album. It's very dissonant stuff, but very art Thrash. Which is a weird way to put it but it is a different way to look at playing the genre. They do a lot of weird slides and play chords that sound like metal clashing together. Just enjoy as your ideals and your view of music are taken from you and ripped apart at the seams. They will never quite be the same.