Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Phrazes for the Young

First off, every reviewer of this album I've read has bashed it with relentless disdain. Which is kind of understandable since the Strokes are a guitar driven band. What I say is, get off the high horse of instrument obsession and give the music a chance. This solo effort is good although there are a few lacking tracks, I'll let you identify them for yourselves.

Think The Strokes meets New Order meets Ratatat meets Cold Cave. It's got a distinctive poppiness to it, but not in a shit way like Lady Gaga or any other "pop idols" in today's market (for the most part). More or less this is a Strokes album stripped down with heavy electronic elements to it. The lyrics have that same melancholic but not constituent that most Strokes albums have only with a bit more of a leaning toward the not.

All in all, I can kind of see why the reviewers tore this apart. It is a good album that leaves me feeling like I want another Strokes album. More in anticipation to see if they have gotten stale with the same old sound. I'd like to see some of the good electronic aspects in this implemented with the Strokes. If you dig any of the Strokes albums, check out Phrazes for the Young. You will only be slightly disappointed.

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