Thursday, July 23, 2009

Slint - EP

Sure, Spiderland is a seminal album critically charged with the creation of post-rock. What makes Spiderland so great now is that pretty much no one ripped it off, so you haven't heard 60 watered down copycats. This trend continues with Slint's final EP; I have never quite heard music like this anywhere else. "Glenn" is one of my all time favorite songs, its haunting guitar lines and muffled grunts(?) from the vocalist make for one of the most haunting songs ever recorded. The second song on the EP is a reworking of "Rhonda" from Tweez. Slint extends the song by several minutes and adds a lot of noise based jamming at the end.

This EP, released after the bands breakup in 1994, represents a band in its prime. The playing is tighter and more focused than Tweez and even Spiderland, yet these songs are their most experimental. While it contains only two songs, this EP best represents all of the different aspects of Slint. Fans of the band will love it, and it ain't a bad place to start listening either.


  1. I wanna check this out now. It sounds promising. I may start listening. :D

  2. download didn't work for me :(

    it downloaded fine but when i tried to extract it said the files didn't exist

  3. okay i uploaded these files myself, its not a zip or rar, just MP3 cause its like 17MB anyway.

  4. Are these ripped from vinyl? Your record's got a big scratch on side 2!